Life is just a dream

For the kings and the Queens

For the young and the old

For the cowards and the bold

Life starts with a scream

Of a newborn soldier

Who has to fight

From the dusk till the light

When we grow older

We are taught about values

About a hater and a lover

About suggestions and perspectives

Taught about never trying to hide things

Staying true to ourselves

Never betraying anyone

And every thing going well.

For life itself is uncertain

Young and old all have the burden

All have to submit to the Lord

Life is only a way to reach god.

Work hard and leave the results to god

Be happy with each thing you’ve got.

Life is a challenge – dare it

Death is the ending- fear it.

~ Saadia ♡ download (3)

Keep going


We all at some point of life are tempted to give up.For how long will our shoulders bear the burden of our dreams and ambitions? The idea that all of our work and time invested was in vain crosses our mind one day or another. Circumstances might lead us to unprecedented sorrow and shock but that’s not life. Life is about doing it anyway. After all the turmoil,  discouragement,  desperation and dedication , it’s unreasonable to give up. To see the rainbow you have to see the rain. After all success comes to those who preserve. A seed doesn’t germinate because of the law of nature,  it germinates because it  fights for a chance to live. When a small seed doesn’t give up, it would be a shame for US to give up. It’s human nature to fall in front of hurdles and people who object but when we want to succeed as much as we want to breathe,  then success will come to our feet. Live your life,  take risks, work smart and never give up.  Good day and good luck.

~ Saadia ♡

I do it anyway

They say I can’t do it

and then they watch me do it

they say I can’t run a race

and then they watch me win it

they say I don’t have a life

and then they watch me live it

they say I don’t care about a soul

and then they watch me give it away.

They say I can’t survive a blow

and then they watch me survive a gale

whatever they say hurts everyday

but I do it anyway.

When you said goodbye

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I walked alone with no one beside me

I tried to forget the fact that killed me

I reminisced on the memories in my heart

On the times spent with you, thinking a lot.

About the way you laughed at me

The way you glared at me

The way you pushed me aside

To join the strangers beside me

I hated to say goodbye

To you my friend , that time

I wanted to push rewind

To go back to that phase

When I was all you had got

When you and I were best friends

When you promised to be there till the end

When you never let me descend

On the flight of stairs I cried ,

Trying to stop you from disappearing

Into thin air I stared,

When you said goodbye.

~Saadia ♡

Without you

I feel the pain in your eyes

The pain that cracks like a whip

The pain of losing someone

Someone you’ll always miss

I too have suffered like that before

What could I say to calm you?

I felt alone at that time

And today do words fail you?

She left without alarm

And left memories behind

How could I tell you

To remain composed at that time

Memories last even if contact is lost

But could you find comfort in those words.

I know you want to be alone

Because every word hurts

You wanted some more days for her

I wanted that too

So that we could talk

Like we always used to

Heaven needed an angel

Good people die soon

I know you don’t understand

That this is the truth.

How can we live without her

Do you wonder that too

But her words of wisdom are with us

waiting to be proved.

But don’t despair,  she’s where she should be.

Someday we’ll join her too

But till that day and always everyday

Will feel like eternity without you.

~saadia ♡

I tried to become a kid

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Petals are shaking with the wind

In the middle of the garden , I again feel like a kid

Collecting flowers and enjoying the breeze

Jumping in puddles, legs soaked till the knees

I danced under the sun

The rays touching my cheeks

The glow on my face, eyeing all the treats.

I dreamed, I smiled, I played, I cared

I tried to become a kid once again

To forget the fact that caused me pain

I couldn’t run into my mother’s lap

And again live that carefree life

~ saadia ♡