I feel the pain in your eyes

The pain that cracks like a whip

The pain of losing someone

Someone you’ll always miss

I too have suffered like that before

What could I say to calm you?

I felt alone at that time

And today do words fail you?

She left without alarm

And left memories behind

How could I tell you

To remain composed at that time

Memories last even if contact is lost

But could you find comfort in those words.

I know you want to be alone

Because every word hurts

You wanted some more days for her

I wanted that too

So that we could talk

Like we always used to

Heaven needed an angel

Good people die soon

I know you don’t understand

That this is the truth.

How can we live without her

Do you wonder that too

But her words of wisdom are with us

waiting to be proved.

But don’t despair,  she’s where she should be.

Someday we’ll join her too

But till that day and always everyday

Will feel like eternity without you.

~saadia ♡

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