I emerge from a mountain covered with a layer of ice,

I want to be snug, there is no need for me to rise,

But as the ice covering me drifts away,

I have to face life, I have to fight each day.

I start to fall down, crashing upon rocks,

I am letting go already, but opportunity knocks,

I make my way to the farm, the peace making me want to stay,

But my goal is something else, my peace is the price I’ve to pay.

Down i go into the dark woods, feeling an eerie touch,

I can’t do more, I’ve preserved a lot but this is too much.

Slowly and steadily i reached an open field full of prickly hedges,

The droopy branches of the weeping willow, tickling my edges,

I go through a dark tunnel, full of shadows,

my water getting distributed through the hollows,

Finally I reach the river, my destiny,

Just like a dying man merging with infinity.

~ Saadia

P.S. This poem is inspired by a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson namely ‘The Brook’. I wanted to recreate it in my own words and I ended up with this poem. You can find the poem here ‘’ . The poet in his poem has displayed the contrast between the journey of man with the journey of water but I wanted to show how man, just like flowing water overcomes each hurdle to reach his ultimate destiny therefore not contrasting the two but showing the similarity. thank you. Have a good day. 🙂

Being Left Out


Who likes to be left out,

Who likes not to be involved,

Who likes to be out there alone,

When you’re joking with your friends,

How do you hurt me so many times,

and I don’t even shed a tear,

I talk myself into peace ,

but there’s a war waging inside,

I tell myself to keep quiet ,

But the tears fill up my eyes,

I try to complain to you,

but then I maintain a gap,

Because no one cares for me,

They all are pretending to be.

~ Saadia

The Bitter Truth


Maybe you don’t remember ,but neither can i forget,

The times I spent with you , all the quizzes and the bets,

Your heart didn’t support you, you didn’t dream us together,

But I remember it clearly, my memory is not a moor with heather,

All the laughs we shared , all the smiles we passed,

Are of no meaning now, we actually didn’t last,

I thought of meeting you, all the chats we’d have had,

But you didn’t bat an eyelid, it turned out pretty bad.

I took it to my heart, I cried with all I’d got,

Then I realized it was unreasonable, I dealt with this situation a lot.

I knew I was of no worth to you, you didn’t want me near,

I was just an ugly pet to play with, when your friends weren’t there,

I thought I’d let go but it was really hard.

Because you were good inside , i wanted you as friend really bad,

I thought of it over and over again,

Till i realized the bitter truth that friends always cause you pain.




Success isn’t always what we see.

Success isn’t always meant to be.

Failure always crosses our way,

Failure is diversity to a day.

Even if someday, hard work doesn’t pay,

Failure is the river to the bay.

Work you do never goes in vain,

But it comprises sweat and pain,

Success doesn’t come on it’s own,

For it we’ve to go through each suffering and moan,

Failure is success if we learn from it,

Failure is the energy to the wit,

Fall seven times and rise again,

Succeed as you work from wax till the wane.

Only if you put your soul in there,

Success will come fair and square,

The early bird gets the grain,

Success stays until failure comes again,

Failure is a kind of light to those in dark,

Failure accompanies success like a song accompanies a lark.




Battles are fought and sacrifices made,

Words said and foundations laid,

Stones thrown and swords pierced,

Through a young girl’s heart who shed all her tears.

Life was not a bed of roses,

How could life fit in all the causes,

All the causes of the storms and the scars,

All that happened to a young girl’s heart.

All the empty promises and all the hate,

hurt her bad, her life put at stake.

She had loved from all her heart.

How could she believe what had happened since the start.

She was betrayed and was ignored.

She wondered if she would ever get cured,

from the fear of the tempest,the quivering lips,

the reason for what were the continuous hits.

No hope was left for this broken star,

Who no longer knew what feelings are,

She could have died ,she could have gone,

but that didn’t happen, it was the break of the dawn!

~ Saadia

Happy children’s day.

Today on 14th of November, we Indians celebrate Children’s day to mark the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who loved children. This day reminds every parent to teach their children to live instead of teaching them how to make a living, to teach them the value of things , not the price, to teach them the meaning of love not the formality and to teach them the value of every day on earth we’ve got. Not much to say, just happy children’s day!


Tilted fate


Everyday passes as I pretend that all is well.

People don’t know what’s inside me, no one can tell.

Growing so tired but still can’t sleep.

Everyday behind closed doors I surely do weep.

Fear is natural and no one is perfectly able.

Everyone can’t love me, so I remember to stay stable.

I do good and it dies with me , that’s a must.

Do a thing bad and all good deeds turn to dust.

Sometimes I am strong enough to let go.

Other times the pain of betrayal makes me sore.

You meant everything until you went away.

But the tears and marks are here to stay.

Fighting battles no one knows about.

Staying true and loyal without any doubt.

But life is a challenge demanding to be faced.

And I am a warrior with a tilted fate.

Listening to everything and still a smile,

That’s what prevents everything from becoming vile.

Everyday the waves try to break me.

But they get tired , they can’t shake me.

I’ve seen times worse than this,

Reminiscing all that hurts my wit.

Being an option is an everyday Job.

I’m in agony, the light moments come to stop.

Can someone tell me how to make a change?

How to become a lively person once again?

To laugh at the silliest jokes and puns.

Playing in the paint,  running in the mud.

When life gives you lemons , make lemonade.

Even when feelings burn, you can find shade.

Pain is always there, demanding to be faced.

And I am a warrior with a tilted fate.

~ Saadia♥



Your eyes so bright, they gleam like gems,

The curve of your face so sleek.

Your hair as it lightly falls on your shoulders,

You look like a fairy so meek.

Your light walk on the beautiful earth,

Your smile as it spreads across,

The way you fiddle when you’re nervous,

Your goals like ship on the docks.

Your laugh a sound of ringing bells,

The one who sees you drops his jaw,

The flutter of your eyes as you pretend to be shy.

you’re just perfect, i cannot find a flaw.

~ Saadia

P.S.-  This poem is dedicated to my friend , Aisha sajad, who asked me to write one for her in class. i just jotted it down there and i thought it would be considerate to share it…. 😉 … 🙂

Token to the bullys


A taunt here a push there,

I think that’s all you dare.

Gentleness never comes your path,

I define you as a sociopath.

Bullying is an act of cowardice,

but you won’t understand that it’s a vice.

Your followers think you are too wise,

they don’t know that you can be pulled to the ground in a trice.

Poking those who you think are the best.

You are jealous, so you are putting them to test.

But god is there watching us,

someday he will turn the bullys to dust.

~ Saadia

p.s. Dedicated to all those who have a tough time at middle school or high school due to interference of brainless bullys and those who don’t tend to their own fire and spend time by irritating others.

I will stay


Life is full of ups and downs,

but that is where strength comes from.

Stay strong and face it,

you are going to make it.

I am with you forever,

and will i leave you ever?

I will fight with you till the end,

my faith in you will never bend.

Problems will come and they’ll go,

but i will still be at your door,

to help you always,

my dear friend.

I will work with you and

together we can make it true.

because everyone can leave your side,

and you fear it, there is no need to hide.

People will leave and walk away,

but my dear friend , i will stay.

~ Saadia