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The above quote in one single sentence describes the person I am writing this post for. For the first time in my life I am not being able to sum up the unprecedented happiness I’ve received from a person who is so damn selfless that everyone feels like a phony around her. I have known her for a quiet long time but as a poet says that you get only one chance to prove yourself in front of others. It’s either you’re going to make it or break it. There is always that one person in your life who makes such a lasting impression on you that you can’t get over it. Madeeha you are so beautiful inside that I will pray everyday that circumstances or people don’t change you. To sum up it has been a privilege to be a friend to you. Maybe not a good one but at least I tried.

Everyone might wonder that I’ve written kind of a lecture on the topic SPEECHLESS. But I think I totally am speechless.  I thought that I could express myself on paper but some people are too good to be expressed in a series of words or adjectives. In short , I feel blessed. Stay awesome.

~ Saadia ♡

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