So autumn was here a week ago. Did we notice it coming? Well, I didnt.  Surprising how we don’t see seasons changing and nature switching over to new hues. The mornings and nights are getting much cooler or rather cold. Days are getting shorter and people are getting lazy . Leaves of all colours are falling giving life a new tint . Thats why William cullen bryant said that autumn is the years last lovliest smile.Well yeah those are the leaves I noticed in my garden . (Now in a pile). Well there are still a lot of leaves to be shed and as autumn will slip away , winter will find its way. I guess winter is not a season to be welcomed in kashmir. This year passed in no time. I feel like it was yesterday when we bid goodbye to 2013. ….. well, life goes on 😉 .20141106_151916~2

autumn is actually the mosaic of all seasons. I love this season for the feeling of it . To me autumn is the season of freshness ( rather than spring) which it actually isn’t . But yeah I like it. This year it feels kind of different. Autumn I am trying to make you stay so don’t slip away at your earliest . Autumn is just beauty to those who want to see it.20141106_151925~2

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