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Your eyes were so bright , radiance emerged through.

How could you never actually make it true.

You had fought with all you’d got.

But no one can change it,  that was your lot.

You begged and begged but no one was ready to hear.

The person you loved the most didn’t want you near.

After all that you had done, after all that you did.

You couldn’t make the puzzle pieces fit..

Someone else took your place but you didn’t let go.

I could see it, the pain made your heart sore.

You were left alone with no one at your side,

The tears were rushing out with no feeling to hide.

But there was nothing to be done , try to be happy.

The world is not a wish granting factory.

We always don’t get what we want.

Grief does come, but life goes on…………

~ Saadia♥

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