Everyday passes as I pretend that all is well.

People don’t know what’s inside me, no one can tell.

Growing so tired but still can’t sleep.

Everyday behind closed doors I surely do weep.

Fear is natural and no one is perfectly able.

Everyone can’t love me, so I remember to stay stable.

I do good and it dies with me , that’s a must.

Do a thing bad and all good deeds turn to dust.

Sometimes I am strong enough to let go.

Other times the pain of betrayal makes me sore.

You meant everything until you went away.

But the tears and marks are here to stay.

Fighting battles no one knows about.

Staying true and loyal without any doubt.

But life is a challenge demanding to be faced.

And I am a warrior with a tilted fate.

Listening to everything and still a smile,

That’s what prevents everything from becoming vile.

Everyday the waves try to break me.

But they get tired , they can’t shake me.

I’ve seen times worse than this,

Reminiscing all that hurts my wit.

Being an option is an everyday Job.

I’m in agony, the light moments come to stop.

Can someone tell me how to make a change?

How to become a lively person once again?

To laugh at the silliest jokes and puns.

Playing in the paint,  running in the mud.

When life gives you lemons , make lemonade.

Even when feelings burn, you can find shade.

Pain is always there, demanding to be faced.

And I am a warrior with a tilted fate.

~ Saadia♥

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