Battles are fought and sacrifices made,

Words said and foundations laid,

Stones thrown and swords pierced,

Through a young girl’s heart who shed all her tears.

Life was not a bed of roses,

How could life fit in all the causes,

All the causes of the storms and the scars,

All that happened to a young girl’s heart.

All the empty promises and all the hate,

hurt her bad, her life put at stake.

She had loved from all her heart.

How could she believe what had happened since the start.

She was betrayed and was ignored.

She wondered if she would ever get cured,

from the fear of the tempest,the quivering lips,

the reason for what were the continuous hits.

No hope was left for this broken star,

Who no longer knew what feelings are,

She could have died ,she could have gone,

but that didn’t happen, it was the break of the dawn!

~ Saadia

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