Success isn’t always what we see.

Success isn’t always meant to be.

Failure always crosses our way,

Failure is diversity to a day.

Even if someday, hard work doesn’t pay,

Failure is the river to the bay.

Work you do never goes in vain,

But it comprises sweat and pain,

Success doesn’t come on it’s own,

For it we’ve to go through each suffering and moan,

Failure is success if we learn from it,

Failure is the energy to the wit,

Fall seven times and rise again,

Succeed as you work from wax till the wane.

Only if you put your soul in there,

Success will come fair and square,

The early bird gets the grain,

Success stays until failure comes again,

Failure is a kind of light to those in dark,

Failure accompanies success like a song accompanies a lark.


14 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Very deeply thoughtful writing, Dear Saadia ~ keep it up for you are spreading a message of optimism into the quantum field. That means you are informing our reality and it doesn’t matter how many readers you have – Thank you for your blog! with love – tomas


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