Maybe you don’t remember ,but neither can i forget,

The times I spent with you , all the quizzes and the bets,

Your heart didn’t support you, you didn’t dream us together,

But I remember it clearly, my memory is not a moor with heather,

All the laughs we shared , all the smiles we passed,

Are of no meaning now, we actually didn’t last,

I thought of meeting you, all the chats we’d have had,

But you didn’t bat an eyelid, it turned out pretty bad.

I took it to my heart, I cried with all I’d got,

Then I realized it was unreasonable, I dealt with this situation a lot.

I knew I was of no worth to you, you didn’t want me near,

I was just an ugly pet to play with, when your friends weren’t there,

I thought I’d let go but it was really hard.

Because you were good inside , i wanted you as friend really bad,

I thought of it over and over again,

Till i realized the bitter truth that friends always cause you pain.


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