I emerge from a mountain covered with a layer of ice,

I want to be snug, there is no need for me to rise,

But as the ice covering me drifts away,

I have to face life, I have to fight each day.

I start to fall down, crashing upon rocks,

I am letting go already, but opportunity knocks,

I make my way to the farm, the peace making me want to stay,

But my goal is something else, my peace is the price I’ve to pay.

Down i go into the dark woods, feeling an eerie touch,

I can’t do more, I’ve preserved a lot but this is too much.

Slowly and steadily i reached an open field full of prickly hedges,

The droopy branches of the weeping willow, tickling my edges,

I go through a dark tunnel, full of shadows,

my water getting distributed through the hollows,

Finally I reach the river, my destiny,

Just like a dying man merging with infinity.

~ Saadia

P.S. This poem is inspired by a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson namely ‘The Brook’. I wanted to recreate it in my own words and I ended up with this poem. You can find the poem here ‘Β’ . The poet in his poem has displayed the contrast between the journey of man with the journey of water but I wanted to show how man, just like flowing water overcomes each hurdle to reach his ultimate destiny therefore not contrasting the two but showing the similarity. thank you. Have a good day. πŸ™‚


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