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I wish I could live the way I wanted , I wish i could set myself free

I wish I could be an open book to others, I wish I could be me,

I wanted to have a great life, wanted to escape from this torcher,

From the thorny clutches of the past and the painful anxiety of the future.

With each push, my eyes swell up, but the tears are already dry

every promise remains unfulfilled, each word of caring seems to be a lie.

All salvation is temporary, everyone gives you an eye for an eye

The world is full of liars and cheats, none of them deserve my cries.

As the sun shines on my face, i realize i can’t find comfort,

In all those words full of wisdom or the songs of the birds

As i begin to fall now, I let go of all the hopes.

No one can rescue me now, I’ve already completed my course

I’ve preserved a lot, now I am tired a lot

I’ve survived each blow, but today I haven’t fought.

I knew I couldn’t sort, this mess of my life, the series of loss

Or the puzzle pieces scattered across.

~ Saadia

Merry christmas

“When my eyes are all bright and my body upbeat,

my heart starts to get excited and i jump to my feet,

when there is festivity and a lot of joy around,

I get into it, not to contain myself when i’m bound,

when all people are merry and so is the day,

I feel like dancing, and well. I may! “

That’s a short piece of poetry dedicated to all of my readers celebrating Christmas. So finally the much awaited day for all of you is finally here. hope you have a good time opening your presents.

So, i was born this day, years back on a cold wintery afternoon, oh yes, Today’s my birthday. I can’t imagine I’ve completed so many years on this planet. It seems like everyday I  woke up was just another day and i never saw the years go by.Today i want to thank all those who took the time to read my poems and follow my blog. I owe you guys a lot!

I guess i should stop chattering! 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Real happiness


We all wish to make millions but a smile spreads across our face when we find an old torn note in one of our childhood garments. 

We all wish to eat in the finest restaurants but somehow after a tiring day, the food at home tastes the best.

We all wish to wear the clothes in vogue but we feel the comfiest in our sweatpants.

 Happiness ~ one of the most commonly misused words. Whenever we think of happiness, an image starts forming in our mind of a degree, a job, a mansion, thousands of bucks and a well-off lifestyle with lavish ways. No one thinks that happiness can be a simple, kind word from a loved one, a stroll with your best friend, a cup of coffee with a pal or even a pillow fight with a two- year old. I agree that yes, the world moves fast and so do we. The world is a place of competition but that can’t allow us to underestimate the power of a smile, a giggle or a hearty laugh. Cease the moment, do whatever and live like this is the last day of your existence. No one can stop stressing, no one can stop working but everyone can put an effort into lighting their own world by not worrying as much as they do, but letting their greed go and by bringing joy to everyone who fills our world. Happiness is a talent, its rare , its beautiful. The real happiness comes from making time for yourself and for others, by being content and by enjoying the little things in life. We often are so buried under our wishes for achieving that we never realize what can be lost in a split second and what is to be cherished. Have a good day, keep smiling ( it suits you) 🙂 and hold your head high, if not , the crown falls 😉 .

~ Saadia


The New Moon


I had a place among the best, those who shone and brightened,

I sparkled as I gave away my light , to light the way of the frightened.

I had the power to illuminate, a special shimmer to me.

I lighted the way when the night snatched the capability to see.

The stars envied me , I stood out from all the rest,

They tried to get attention, but I was always considered the best.

I was worshiped as the goddess of beauty, looking at me was everyone’s pleasure,

Humans even toured my surface, they thought the rocks covering me were a real treasure,

I glistened in the night sky , happy to be me.

It was only my light at night which enabled people to see.

My pride didn’t last forever, i started to disappear,

It was the first of the lunar month, the moonless sky was here!


So long till we meet again


Last December was the hardest and the most tormenting month that has passed since a decade now. I lost the most caring and the most precious person in my life whose absence is a hole in my heart and every-time i think about that person , that hole starts strangling me inside out.  That December stole away my great grandmother. Everyone might be thinking that i am throwing a tantrum on an inevitable death but you never know a good thing until its gone. Her lone presence was a relief, a promise that the world is not a bad place after all. But ever since she left, her smile comes crashing through my memory telling me that i never did enough, i never told her that i care, i was so accustomed to taking from her that i never gave her even the thousandth part of her love. She was an asset, a gift to us who stood as our backbone in the hardest times of life…….  words are useless to describe the loss, the affliction that struck at an unexpected time. I miss her , I miss her everyday……….. i love her and i will love her till my last breath and maybe even after that.


My journey

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I was trapped in the cold hard ground, with the cold soil that covered,

I was waiting to be found , waiting to be discovered,

I mustered up some courage, I tried to rise with all I’d got,

Everyday I pushed myself,  surprised at how I’d fought.

One day suddenly I found the light, the warmth I’d longed for each day,

The sun made the dew drops gleam, finally my roots had found their way.

I lived to find out there were many like me,

Who had preserved to be, to find their individuality,

I shared as I lived, gave away what I didn’t need,

The fruits of my labour were surplus,  the labour that had started when I was a little seed.

My happiness didn’t last forever,  nothing gold can stay.

I was uprooted as I fell and was left to decay.

~ Saadia ♥

Life is a gift.


Life means different things to different people. Everyone has issues, struggles and priorities and everyone has his/ her own definition of life. Based on this thought, i wrote a short dialogue on the way life is in the eyes of different people.

A rich man : (bursts into laughter) “I count my riches day and night. My life is full of pleasures. For me life is money!”

A poor man: (shivering with cold) ” I wear rags and don’t have food for a meal. For me , life is a struggle.”

A soldier: ( answers quickly) ” I fight for my nation never caring about myself. I would never abstain from sacrificing my life for my country. For me life is a battlefield. ”

A sparrow: “I can fly wherever I want to. I am confined to a nest for only a few days of my life and after i learn to fly, even the sky is not the limit. For me life is freedom. ”

A kind old man: ( answers peacefully) “Throughout my life I have abstained from all kinds of sin and if I ever committed a sin, I would repent it immediately. I don’t have any love for wealth or any desire for name and fame. Nor do i concern myself with excessive food and clothing. For me life is a gift as it is the only way to reach God.”

So, what is life to you? Are you the rich man, the poor one , the soldier, the sparrow or surprisingly the old man?

Do you give value to health , wealth or wisdom?


Whatever you do, just remember one thing, we never know when our time will come , when we will become a part of the earth . So  value each day and live your best life today. Get away from negativity, surround yourself with people who lift you up because life is too short to be anything but happy………..SAY CHEESE 😀 ……:)

~ Saadia