Life means different things to different people. Everyone has issues, struggles and priorities and everyone has his/ her own definition of life. Based on this thought, i wrote a short dialogue on the way life is in the eyes of different people.

A rich man : (bursts into laughter) “I count my riches day and night. My life is full of pleasures. For me life is money!”

A poor man: (shivering with cold) ” I wear rags and don’t have food for a meal. For me , life is a struggle.”

A soldier: ( answers quickly) ” I fight for my nation never caring about myself. I would never abstain from sacrificing my life for my country. For me life is a battlefield. ”

A sparrow: “I can fly wherever I want to. I am confined to a nest for only a few days of my life and after i learn to fly, even the sky is not the limit. For me life is freedom. ”

A kind old man: ( answers peacefully) “Throughout my life I have abstained from all kinds of sin and if I ever committed a sin, I would repent it immediately. I don’t have any love for wealth or any desire for name and fame. Nor do i concern myself with excessive food and clothing. For me life is a gift as it is the only way to reach God.”

So, what is life to you? Are you the rich man, the poor one , the soldier, the sparrow or surprisingly the old man?

Do you give value to health , wealth or wisdom?


Whatever you do, just remember one thing, we never know when our time will come , when we will become a part of the earth . So  value each day and live your best life today. Get away from negativity, surround yourself with people who lift you up because life is too short to be anything but happy………..SAY CHEESE 😀 ……:)

~ Saadia

15 thoughts on “Life is a gift.

  1. I’m glad you led me here Saadia!

    I’d say my life is a battlefield where I struggle to keep alive the freedom which costs dearly, while not forgetting God along the way.

    What does that make me?

    CHEESE!! 🙂


  2. Life is a struggle, it is a battlefield, it is contentment, it is a gift, but most of all, life for me is Jesus, Who suffered the death of battle in my place so that I might live.
    Do you know of Him?
    Bless you, keep writing.
    Len at


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