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I was trapped in the cold hard ground, with the cold soil that covered,

I was waiting to be found , waiting to be discovered,

I mustered up some courage, I tried to rise with all I’d got,

Everyday I pushed myself,  surprised at how I’d fought.

One day suddenly I found the light, the warmth I’d longed for each day,

The sun made the dew drops gleam, finally my roots had found their way.

I lived to find out there were many like me,

Who had preserved to be, to find their individuality,

I shared as I lived, gave away what I didn’t need,

The fruits of my labour were surplus,  the labour that had started when I was a little seed.

My happiness didn’t last forever,  nothing gold can stay.

I was uprooted as I fell and was left to decay.

~ Saadia ♥

11 thoughts on “My journey

  1. The journey doesn’t end
    Have heart dear friend
    Decayed remanants fertilise soul
    Making this earth, sky,
    Moon and sun, the universe whole
    New saplings born, new life begins
    All because the courage
    Idea, will of few
    including you
    i, greens, blues
    golden, beholden glues
    of spirit and affection
    of life and love
    exists, I am forever indebted

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      1. we individually do but the mark we leave on this world never dies, and oblivion is inevitable . the human race never perishes but every individual that lives does die and perish. hope that answers your question.


  2. You have a lovely blog here, thanks for the visit to my site. Now that I’ve found yours, I suspect they’ll be returning here to see what else you have to offer. So keep up the great writing, and I’ll read you later.


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