Last December was the hardest and the most tormenting month that has passed since a decade now. I lost the most caring and the most precious person in my life whose absence is a hole in my heart and every-time i think about that person , that hole starts strangling me inside out.  That December stole away my great grandmother. Everyone might be thinking that i am throwing a tantrum on an inevitable death but you never know a good thing until its gone. Her lone presence was a relief, a promise that the world is not a bad place after all. But ever since she left, her smile comes crashing through my memory telling me that i never did enough, i never told her that i care, i was so accustomed to taking from her that i never gave her even the thousandth part of her love. She was an asset, a gift to us who stood as our backbone in the hardest times of life…….  words are useless to describe the loss, the affliction that struck at an unexpected time. I miss her , I miss her everyday……….. i love her and i will love her till my last breath and maybe even after that.


8 thoughts on “So long till we meet again

  1. It seems your great grandmother was a wonderful person, and I’m sorry for your loss. But your love for her lives on, and thus so does she in your heart. I pray that there she shall remain, and from her continued presence, you will continue to draw strength.

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