We all wish to make millions but a smile spreads across our face when we find an old torn note in one of our childhood garments. 

We all wish to eat in the finest restaurants but somehow after a tiring day, the food at home tastes the best.

We all wish to wear the clothes in vogue but we feel the comfiest in our sweatpants.

 Happiness ~ one of the most commonly misused words. Whenever we think of happiness, an image starts forming in our mind of a degree, a job, a mansion, thousands of bucks and a well-off lifestyle with lavish ways. No one thinks that happiness can be a simple, kind word from a loved one, a stroll with your best friend, a cup of coffee with a pal or even a pillow fight with a two- year old. I agree that yes, the world moves fast and so do we. The world is a place of competition but that can’t allow us to underestimate the power of a smile, a giggle or a hearty laugh. Cease the moment, do whatever and live like this is the last day of your existence. No one can stop stressing, no one can stop working but everyone can put an effort into lighting their own world by not worrying as much as they do, but letting their greed go and by bringing joy to everyone who fills our world. Happiness is a talent, its rare , its beautiful. The real happiness comes from making time for yourself and for others, by being content and by enjoying the little things in life. We often are so buried under our wishes for achieving that we never realize what can be lost in a split second and what is to be cherished. Have a good day, keep smiling ( it suits you) 🙂 and hold your head high, if not , the crown falls 😉 .

~ Saadia


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