“When my eyes are all bright and my body upbeat,

my heart starts to get excited and i jump to my feet,

when there is festivity and a lot of joy around,

I get into it, not to contain myself when i’m bound,

when all people are merry and so is the day,

I feel like dancing, and well. I may! “

That’s a short piece of poetry dedicated to all of my readers celebrating Christmas. So finally the much awaited day for all of you is finally here. hope you have a good time opening your presents.

So, i was born this day, years back on a cold wintery afternoon, oh yes, Today’s my birthday. I can’t imagine I’ve completed so many years on this planet. It seems like everyday I  woke up was just another day and i never saw the years go by.Today i want to thank all those who took the time to read my poems and follow my blog. I owe you guys a lot!

I guess i should stop chattering! 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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