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I wish I could live the way I wanted , I wish i could set myself free

I wish I could be an open book to others, I wish I could be me,

I wanted to have a great life, wanted to escape from this torcher,

From the thorny clutches of the past and the painful anxiety of the future.

With each push, my eyes swell up, but the tears are already dry

every promise remains unfulfilled, each word of caring seems to be a lie.

All salvation is temporary, everyone gives you an eye for an eye

The world is full of liars and cheats, none of them deserve my cries.

As the sun shines on my face, i realize i can’t find comfort,

In all those words full of wisdom or the songs of the birds

As i begin to fall now, I let go of all the hopes.

No one can rescue me now, I’ve already completed my course

I’ve preserved a lot, now I am tired a lot

I’ve survived each blow, but today I haven’t fought.

I knew I couldn’t sort, this mess of my life, the series of loss

Or the puzzle pieces scattered across.

~ Saadia

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