It’s Enough

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You’ve said enough , now you are not here to be,

Because It’s my choice to do what I want from now till eternity.

I’ve heard enough from all who interfered,

I shouldn’t have listened when no one actually cared.

I won’t let you bring me down, to turn my ambitions to dust.

Because now I stand on my own, there is no one to trust .

I’ll show you that I can , Your discouragements will slowly rust.

I’ll go beyond my limits, for success I have plenty of lust

If you think you can stop me, your bubble I won’t bust

But when you’ll wake up from your fantasy,

you’ll realize my success was a must,

Because after long I’ve found myself, my potential now I trust.

My weaknesses will not ever be their power, neither their gain.

Even if the doubters will question me again.

~ Saadia


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