A dream, a vision drags me on,

It tells me that I can survive till the dawn.

It tells me to keep trying again and again.

To work through the clear days as well as the rain.

It tells me to keep calm and work hard.

It tells me to try and play each card,

to see if I win with a satisfactory laugh,

Or else my crown is right away , knocked off.

A wish, a desire drags me through,

Tells me that a good plan I drew,

To keep me moving until I get there,

And the success I deserve, just very near.

A motto, a struggle drags me through each fear,

Tells me happiness is found through hard work, its rare.

~ Saadia

8 thoughts on “It’s rare

  1. The quotes you put up are so great! Really thoughtful post.

    It’s sometimes hard to think that hard work will pay off when injury is a habit; there are some limitations … πŸ™‚


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