Help us out


Most of us wish for someone to share our burden, and lend us a helping hand , to help us face what life beholds each day.

But, alas! Everyone is alone in life’s battle. I am and so are you. There comes a time when you want someone to understand, to tell you that they know what you’ve been through and to make you realize that everything is going to be alright. But in such situations we just wait for something to happen. And as John Green says in “The Fault In Our Stars” , When times are tough, the Almighty puts the best people in your life…… Waiting…….Still waiting.

Its a strange thing about us humans that we don’t lose hope. Even when we think that we are miles away from salvation, we still hold on to shreds of hope . Many of you might disagree but I firmly believe that homo sapiens continuously hope. We hope for a brighter tomorrow, a better today, better conditions and people who understand our journey as much as their own. Still waiting, still hoping. Lets just hope.



P.s. But still, you are the hero of your own story .

~ Saadia


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