I tried to be a perfect girl but I was only human.

Among the many dreamers I’d seen, I was only a new one.

I wanted to be someone, I wanted an appreciation or two.

I wanted to leave a mark, something great I wanted to do.

I tried to change myself, I tried to suppress the voice of my heart.

My heart was telling me to take it slow, that I was making a wrong start.

But I wanted to be known as someone who offered a dedicated piece of them.

My dedication was my dress, with hard work it would get a perfect hem.

In the midst of my effort and the sweat that dripped,

My heart spoke again and told me that I was hit.

It told me not to worry my little mind,

That I could do all I wanted but to myself I’d to be kind.

I listened to it this time and learnt ,

That pushing yourself too far will only get you burnt.

~ Saadia


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