In the beginning I was afraid of this, afraid of being alone.

I thought I was better in company, with people flesh and bone.

But when they killed me inside out and shattered my heart with blows,

I couldn’t stand all of it , there was a numb in my toes.

As my warm breath repeatedly clouds the broken glass,

I now am not afraid of shadows, after a herculean pass,

Now, when I hear nothing but the ticking of the clock,

I am alone and not in a conscious flock,

I still hold on to a shred of hope,

My foes with hate have got me doped.

Now in a room of silence, I last.

With no one to interfere and my pulse not fast.

Because in loneliness, I’ve found a lasting cure.

of the swelling of my eyes, of the broken heart which was always pure.

Now I am alone with a mind of thought,

With a company of backstabbers , I’ve already fought.

And now I want to find an escape all alone,

Trying to stop the shaking of my tone.

~ Saadia

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