We wake up, do our daily chores, go to bed and repeat . We don’t notice . We don’t realize….

While we complain about the weather condition, there is someone out there wishing for a home. As we complain about the taste of our food, there is someone who is starving to death. While we complain about the efficiency of our car, there is someone with a million wishes to travel but no way to do so. While we complain about work load, there is someone who toils under the sun to make a living. While we complain about how we look, there is someone who wishes for a pair of slippers. Some people will never get what you have now .Some people won’t ever get to improve their conditions . Some people won’t be able to read this.But you do and so do I. Inevitably, I am grateful, for a home, my parents, for food, for education, for my conditions, for clean water and 24 hour electricity, for my blog, for all of you, and for every unearned thing. I am grateful. All of this can sound primitive or useless to you. But there are people who lose their parents to war, who lose their lives to easily preventable diseases and people who lose their homes to disasters.Let us be grateful, let us pray for the underprivileged. Let us just give thanks. 🙂


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