A change

Happy new year everybody!

2014 is history already but it feels like it started yesterday! Pretty weird how the time passes too soon to notice. I hope that the new year brings lots and lots of smiles, gratitude, health, happiness, wisdom, courage and cheer to each one of you.

What are your resolutions? Your new year goals? and many other things. Do let me know. 😉

I thought I might just introduce a bit of change in the starting of the year. I’ve changed the title of my blog to ‘ Reflection of a rainbow’. You might be wondering why. I feel like I pretty much am a person of mismatching qualities and obsessions. :p

I totally think that I am very reckless but I also take pride in my perfect imperfections. I do keep grudges deep inside my heart from the people who are too much but I am a quick forgiver too. I never tell anyone what I feel like but sometimes I am way too straightforward. I get angry easily but the quicker I get angry the quicker it goes away. Sometimes I care about myself way too much but people tell me that I am a selfless person. I judge myself a lot but I am totally non- judgmental to other people. I am always making mistakes but I can do some things very well. I discourage myself a lot but sometimes I am the greatest encouragement to people. I trust people very easily but I get betrayed all the time. So I am a person of many hues just like a rainbow and there, that’s the explanation to the change . 🙂 I hope you like it. 🙂