Another Chance


Today life has given me a chance, at-least this once.

Today my steps don’t falter, my coast is clear since months

But it’s just me, I need the courage to move on

Because today I now what to do, I’ve witnessed an early dawn.

It’s like I know the direction, my inner compass is guiding me.

Today I am being my own sun, I own a light to see.

The past of ludicrous acts has long been forgotten now.

Before my doubt and impatience, I don’t need to bow.

I know how to win this time, I’m not afraid to be me.

It’s my own optimism that still enables me to be.

Now I won’t give up, I will do it again.

Life gave me another chance, a rainbow after the rain.

~ Saadia


Just Stay


I am not as bad as you think, nor as good as you believe

But just stay with me forever, the good in me I’ll retrieve

Don’t push me from one side to the other, just be a good companion to me

Because everyone surely needs a friend, you and me can become ‘we’

A sweet tie of friendship will bind us together,

Even after our last breath, it will never be over.

Don’t try to calm me when I get mad,

But just stay with me forever, I’ll forget the temper I had

I am not as harsh as you think nor as perfect as you perceive.

I’ll too share your loss, our failure I won’t grieve.

Because when we’ll try again and again we’ll surely succeed.

We’ll help each other get better and we’ll grow together

But don’t you ever leave my side and just stay with me forever.


The versatile blogger award


Thanks to my friend Story Teller for nominating me for this award. I am very grateful to you .


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate other bloggers for the award.
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Seven things about me are

1. I wouldn’t mind spending a forever in a library. Books are my escape

2. My favorite authors are Stephanie Meyer, john green and khaled hosseini.

3. I love animals especially cats , puppies and rabbits.

4. I prefer playing sports to watching sports.

5. Trying out new things interests me.

6. I like being organized because cleanliness is the rule. 😉

7. it took me a while  to write all of this because i find it difficult to sum up things about me. 😉

My nominees are :

Richard Ankers


Window With A View


the poetry whisperer

Love Notes from the Angels


Have a  blessed day 🙂



Never think you are far away

from someone you value

they are tucked away in your heart

and you don’t know how.

They are not taken away from you

by the circumstances or by God himself

They are a blessing to you by the Lord

And he might need them back

People are meant to be loved

and things meant to be used

So that we know that we are blessed

and we have been caressed

by the people we tend to lose.

So value people and show them you care

because losing them is hard to dare

Tell them that they are so near

to you and your soul

let them hear

that every goodbye

is hard to bear.

~ Saadia

Keep Living


When the sky is clear and the moon is not there,

I feel the lump rising in my throat but now I don’t care.

As I watch the sky , I tell the invisible to shut up,

I want it to stop pitying me, my frail face in my hands I cup.

Whenever I’m pushed out, I show that I don’t care.

I show that I am sulky to fight back every tear.

Then and again I am told to get away, I am told to clear out,

Am I even important? The thought runs me into doubt.

As everybody stings the poison of their words into me,

I know I’ll remember it all till eternity.

Living with the scars is what is to be done now on,

Nothing can be done otherwise, my strength is all gone.

Fake a smile, hold your head high and keep giving,

Because life goes on, it pushes you forward, so keep living.

~ Saadia