When the sky is clear and the moon is not there,

I feel the lump rising in my throat but now I don’t care.

As I watch the sky , I tell the invisible to shut up,

I want it to stop pitying me, my frail face in my hands I cup.

Whenever I’m pushed out, I show that I don’t care.

I show that I am sulky to fight back every tear.

Then and again I am told to get away, I am told to clear out,

Am I even important? The thought runs me into doubt.

As everybody stings the poison of their words into me,

I know I’ll remember it all till eternity.

Living with the scars is what is to be done now on,

Nothing can be done otherwise, my strength is all gone.

Fake a smile, hold your head high and keep giving,

Because life goes on, it pushes you forward, so keep living.

~ Saadia


8 thoughts on “Keep Living

  1. Superb Saadia! Just don’t give up gals, keep going, on the way make compromises and adjustments, get what you want. I know it is easier said than done without some support and backing. Hugs and love to you Saadia. Have a nice day everyday. Here it is time to say good night. 🙂


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