I am not as bad as you think, nor as good as you believe

But just stay with me forever, the good in me I’ll retrieve

Don’t push me from one side to the other, just be a good companion to me

Because everyone surely needs a friend, you and me can become ‘we’

A sweet tie of friendship will bind us together,

Even after our last breath, it will never be over.

Don’t try to calm me when I get mad,

But just stay with me forever, I’ll forget the temper I had

I am not as harsh as you think nor as perfect as you perceive.

I’ll too share your loss, our failure I won’t grieve.

Because when we’ll try again and again we’ll surely succeed.

We’ll help each other get better and we’ll grow together

But don’t you ever leave my side and just stay with me forever.


10 thoughts on “Just Stay

  1. Beautiful n lovely! Saadia, I love your boldness in expressing your inner feelings which I have to learn from you. I am gonna to re-blog it immediately as it is my feeling hidden in my heart. love and hugs. have a happy week ahead. ❤

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