Snow in Kashmir

As she sat in her lone armchair, a thousand memories came crashing back, strangling her , reminding her of everything she’d lost. She gasped for air, she tried to escape the clutches of the memories that hit her, she tried to breathe, she tried to stay and remember all she’d gone through, all of what summed up to make what she was today .

She got up, tried to clear her mind, she tried to stop reminding herself that her life was not giving her loved ones back to her. Her city was never going to lift her friend and bring her back. She still remembered the last goodbye, unsaid and unexplained, the kind that hurt the most, the kind that carved a hole in her chest, the kind that never let her breathe …………..She still hoped to remain, to not let her longing affect her existence. The past four years flashed before her eyes, how she kept thinking of her only friend , her only pal who was like a cool breeze in the summer loo (dry hot wind), a flower among the thorns and a gem among the stones. She still waited for her to come back , to tell her that everything was okay, to tell her to live her life once again with her as her support.

Her soul whispered to her, told her to quit playing with her life, to stop waiting and start doing, told her to recreate and rejuvenate what was yet to come.

She woke up after long, she filled her mind with thoughts of positive outcomes instead of hopeless ones, she made a promise to find her lost one again, the lovely one who had kept her alive, the broken half that was yet to be found. She recreated her life, her thoughts, her world and when she stepped onto the ladder of change, she looked around and saw that her life had become exactly what she wanted it to be – worth living.

~ Saadia

With response to the Five Photos-Five stories challenge.Thanks to naturelover@Story Teller for nominating me for this challenge (https://valiantwarrior.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/five-photos-five-stories-day-3/) I would like to nominate zee over at Life Confusions  to do this challenge with me today. This is not necessary but I will be happy if you’ll accept it.Its a lot of fun.

I need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that goes along with it.I decided to go with the pictures I captured myself. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction.  there is no restriction for the length of the writing.

15 thoughts on “Worth living

  1. “ladder of change”. I like the creativity of thoughts here. It is a nice idea to go with your own pictures.
    And, if you feel easy then you can nominate a person each day to accept this challenge. It’ll be a fun:)

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