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Dal Lake

Sara had already seen it all, pain, loss, suffering and regret. She never understood why life lifted her up and tossed her to those rocks which crumbled her to pieces. Her life had been a cycle of friendship and betrayal over and over again. She watched the lake that she was standing by, vast and deep, no one knowing what was inside it . She obviously related it to her own life, enduring everything and no one being able to see what she was going through . Everyone believed the smile that she struggled to put on. She longed for a friend who could feel even the slightest of what she did, a friend who would stand by her, who would look down upon her only when she bent to pick her up ….. She sighed, knowing thatย  many ‘friends’ had stabbed her in the back that she no longer felt anything. She had always been the one who tried to make things better but as every ‘friend’ turned her back to her , she knew that she was like an ugly pet to them, to play with when no one else was there.

She was tired of doing this over and over again, making friends, giving everything for her friendship and then facing the inevitable. When she again cast her eye on the lake, she decided that this was not how everything was going to end. She decided to be just like the lake she admired, living unaccompanied, being self sufficient and carrying on like no wind and storm had ever existed. Sara resolved to love herself to an extent where she no longer needed anyone to strike her down, or to pretend anything unreal. She decided not to expect anything from anyone and as she drove away, she knew that the journey was long but as long as she had her own support, she knew that she was unbreakable.

~ Saadia

With response to the Five Photos-Five stories challenge.Thanks to naturelover@Story Teller for nominating me for this challenge ( I would like to nominate Nicodemas @nicodemasplusthree to do this challenge with me today. This is not necessary but I will be happy if youโ€™ll accept it.Its a lot of fun.. I need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that goes along with it.I decided to go with the pictures I captured myself. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction.ย  there is no restriction for the length of the writing.

8 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. Sometimes you wonder how powerfully a smile can decieve. One can hide a whole ocean of sadness behind a smile. Friendship honestly is the fuel to happiness. Company of that one honest friend can change life. I like how you made the reader drive inspiration from a lake. That feeling to become self depend and to rise oneself to the point where you don’t let yourself get hurt from others is really difficult.
    An inspiring story.

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    1. Its true that we easily trust some people who don’t deserve it . But, when they backstabb us, we must move on because we deserve peace. I am happy that you found this story of some help to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is wonderful! I love this story! I am doing the 5 stories in 5 days for randombytesfromlife but I could make it for both I think. Is that ok? I just realized that I can keep them short so I think I can do it! Thank you Saadia it’s an honor to be part of this! I think it’s great fun.

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