Sonmarg (hill station)
Sonmarg (hill station)

Jane, a girl in her teens was a simple yet sophisticated one, careless yet concerned, enthusiastic about everything yet patient, sociable and yet an introvert. She spread positive vibes wherever she went, her heart was pure and she was innocent. She was happy with what she had , jealousy had never found a way into her heart. She loved her life, every single minute of it . Whenever she felt lonely, she would just divert her attention to her best friend and all she’d gone through and in the process , she found herself happy and loved. Both of them sat on the beach then and Jane started to rewind on  how they had met and how they had been together ever since and promised to be till timelessness…………………………….

One fine day, she was sitting in her class and a new girl sat right next to her. She found it difficult to strike up a conversation. Then, the girl who introduced herself as Belinda broke the ice. As they talked, they realized that they had a lot in common, hobbies, passions, weird fetishes , favorite books and much more. That day, they walked home together. On their way, Jane asked Belinda to come over at her house so that they could do their homework together. Belinda shaked her head once and ran off. Jane was surprised at her behavior and she walked to her home. She was welcomed by her parents and her grandmother. She wished them, did her homework and went to sleep. The next day Belinda again sat next to her. She was astonished and asked her the reason for her strange behavior . Belinda told her that it was just her circumstances that didn’t allow her to come over at her house and a tear fell from her eye. She quickly wiped it off but Jane had already noticed it. She changed the topic of the conversation and asked her if she would like to play softball with her after class. Belinda agreed and gave her a warm smile, a smile which showed the beginning of a new friendship, a new era……..

After two months when their friendship had become deep, the teacher asked students to work on a project in groups of two. They decided to do it together. After a week’s work on the project, it was time for them to work on the project on the weekend. Jane inquired about Belinda’s address and headed for her home, she thought that Belinda wouldn’t mind her coming without informing her. As she knocked on her door repeatedly, without anyone opening it, she thought that they would have been busy. Suddenly, Belinda opened the door and she was shocked on seeing Jane there, horror struck her and she went pale. Jane said hi and informed her that she’d come over to work on their project. Belinda told her to go away, she told her not to come back to her house ever again. Jane was astonished. She was about to ask her a question when she heard shrieks from one of the rooms. Belinda slowly sobbed to herself. Then, a well built man with a thick mustache slapped Belinda and asked her what was she doing there instead of bringing him a glass of wine. A woman persuaded him to go to his room. He retreated with a snarl. The woman had bruises all over arms and face. She gave a feeble smile to Jane and asked her to come in. Jane reluctantly entered the house. Belinda had recovered now, she knew that she had to tell Jane the long hidden truth, the truth that had snatched her childhood from her, the truth which had never let her be happy with life. Belinda started to narrate her story. She explained that her father , the man with the the mustache , was a retired army officer, or rather thrown out from the army because of his conduct. He had gambled away all their ancestral property and had spent the rest drinking. It was then her mother, who had struggled to keep her alive, she’d worked in people’s homes, she’d polished shoes and sold fruits to earn something for herself and Belinda who was a baby at that time. Slowly and steadily, she was given a job by one of her bosses in an agricultural sector , she gave everything to her job and earned enough within a year to rent a house and take care of her daughter. Then she worked harder, not caring for her health, facing the abuse by her husband, receiving lashes and beatings and still she worked to send her daughter to a reputed school. Even then her father had not spared her mother and continued to beat her under the effect to alcohol. Belinda had watched her mother being beaten since she was a toddler and when she protested , she also received a slap or two…..Her father had ruined her mother’s life and her childhood…. He had acted like a monster to them…Tears rolled down uncontrollably through Jane’s eyes . Her own life flashed before her eyes and she remembered all the comforts she had had. When she thought of all Belinda had gone through, shivers ran down her spine. She hugged her tight and they sobbed to one another, a moment which was there till what seemed like a forever………………………

Jane was determined to do something for Belinda. She had learnt that life had always been a stoney path for Belinda, one problem after the other, one difficulty following another…. she had always embraced the bruises, preserved with all she’d got but now Jane could not let her take anymore. She talked about this matter to her parents, got Belinda’s father enrolled in a hospital for the mentally sick and Belinda and her mother shifted to the house near Jane’s. Belinda and Jane graduated after two years and happiness seemed to have seeped back into Belinda’s life through Jane…. her best friend…..her sister….her soul…




When Belinda asked Jane to get up, that it was time for the sun to set, Jane smiled and told her that their sun would never set as they always had each other. Belinda smiled back at her and told her that it was her who has removed the stones from her path one by one, step by step till she regained the meaning in her life…………… They walked away knowing that life was never fair but everything could be tackled ‘together’………….


With response to the Five Photos-Five stories challenge.Thanks to naturelover@Story Teller for nominating me for this challenge ( I would like to nominate Richard Ankers @ Richard Ankers to do this challenge with me today. This is not necessary but I will be happy if you’ll accept it.Its a lot of fun.. I need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that goes along with it.I decided to go with the pictures I captured myself. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction.  there is no restriction for the length of the writing.

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