Andrea lay in bed, tired, weary and above all fed up with everything , her life, her existence and her fate. She watched all the other girls play badminton, run around and swim but she herself was stuck in bed, sick, unhappy and ailing. She was diagnosed with cancer ( osteosarcoma ) a few weeks ago and there she lay, her body weak and swollen with medicine. She just didn’t want her kind of life anymore, boring , unproductive and above all she didn’t even know how far was she going to go.

Andrea’s dad came in and pecked her on the cheek, told her not to worry, like always and told her to cheer up. Suddenly , the nurse came in and told her that she was going to be operated an hour later. She was used to it, surgeries, heavy doses of medicine, scans and extensive unconsciousness. She simply said okay. After the operation, her parents were informed that she won’t be living for long….. That broke her parents’ heart. But they decided not to tell her about it, to let her enjoy the remaining time of her life….

After a week, an unexpected visitor came to her ward. The woman introduced herself as Rachel. They didn’t know each other but they seemed to like each other on a single sight and they talked for hours together. For the first time in a month had Andrea smiled and enjoyed her life… Rachel promised to visit again and slowly but steadily it became a habit. They spent a lot of time together, talking, laughing, sharing jokes and ideas. Andrea began to live in real terms and looked forward to Rachel’s visits. She enjoyed all the books that she read her, the flowers she got her and the movies they watched together. One day, Rachel stayed with Andrea till late at night, read her some of her favorite poems and when it was time for her to leave, she promised to come back again, like always. Andrea smiled a peaceful and detached smile…………. ……………… ……………. She never woke up again. The next morning when Rachel came, she found her bed empty. She inquired about her and was informed about the inevitable. She cried on the unprecedented pain that pierced her heart and realized what an important part of her, she had lost….


The truth was that when she visited her for the first time, she realized that she had entered the wrong ward after leaving the hospital, but she continued to visit her because she knew how lonely Andrea was, how much she had longed to be free, out of the machines and into the world…. Rachel had formed a special bond with Andrea , a bond that was impossible to break and yet Andrea escaped into thin air, like she had never existed , leaving a scar in Rachel’s heart…………………But Andrea died a happier person, a loved person, a gifted person and whenever she had felt alone and excluded, she had Rachel, a companion she had found by mistake….. Andrea didn’t have a long life, a long road to go but she ended her journey like everyone would want to – happily.

~ Saadia

With response to the Five Photos-Five stories challenge.Thanks to naturelover@Story Teller for nominating me for this challenge (https://valiantwarrior.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/five-photos-five-stories-day-3/) I would like to nominate  Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything to do this challenge with me today. This is not necessary but I will be happy if you’ll accept it.Its a lot of fun.. I need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that goes along with it.I decided to go with the pictures I captured myself. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction.  there is no restriction for the length of the writing.

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