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This is a letter to you,  a beautiful creature, one of your own kind , unique, crazy , lovable, and above all,  precious.

I know that you’re full of dreams,

I hope that one day, they come true.

I know that you feel alone sometimes ,

Just remember that I am always there for you,

I know that you underestimate yourself ,

I hope that you start to love yourself to infinity and beyond.

I know that you tend to expect ,

I hope that you don’t break your heart in the process.

I know that you try to be better,

I hope that your wishes come true as a goal setter.

I know that you notice your flaws ,

I hope that you accept them one day.

I know that you feel reckless,

I hope that some day you’ll get over your tears ,

I know that you look for happiness,

I hope that you find it each day.

And when you achieve it all,

And come again with nothing to lack,

I’ll just say that I love you to the moon and back.

~Addressed to my family,friends,  my brothers and sisters across the globe, separated by boundaries but together deep inside,  in a place where all colours reflect into a rainbow,  beautiful, serene and perfect,  a place called the heart.  ♡♥

~ Saadia

15 thoughts on “A letter to YOU

  1. Saadia you will be always in my heart, missed you, where were you all these days? No update from you. Lovely poem. Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones. Love and happiness. ❤

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