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When we have these moments in life, everything appears splendid.

We seem to forget our grief, each scar seems to be mended.

Some people make us laugh when we cease to smile ,

They make life so beautiful and forgetting them takes a while.

Some moments are so unmatched , they take a special place in your heart.

A soft smile , a goofy smirk and all those giggles play their own part.

Those moments make life worth living, Β they make us feel better.

When those moments are remembered years after, they make our heart flutter.

Such moments come after a dark phase of life, so don’t give up.

All things happen for the best ,some are smooth others are rough.

But those light moments don’t come everyday , so live your best life today.

Remember to live those moments to the fullest , Don’t bend your head anyway.

Because you are the hero of your own story, everything depends on your effect.

So take this beautiful moment, and make it your definition of perfect.


16 thoughts on “Moments

  1. This is the perfect post to the blossom of Spring! Wonderful, light, empowering, heart warming and uplifting! So much love and felt happiness! You wrote it perfectly and I love the quote in the beginning.

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    1. Everything that happens to us either becomes a memory, a lesson or an experience. So, every event enriches us, makes us a better human and helps us learn from our mistakes πŸ™‚ So all things happen for our best.


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