A million wishes, a billion thoughts, tons of dreams and a vision is what makes us. We all want to be somewhere higher, from where the view is even better. We all want to do what we have always wanted to. We all have tied ourselves to a goal, a wish that we yearn to fulfill. I wish you the best of luck for your dreams, your aspirations, your desires, and your journey. Some people do criticize you, they try to bring you down and they believe that you’ll fall. But I know that you can rise above it all. I know that you have a power inside of you that no one can steal. I know that you are far better than what people give you credit for. I appreciate you . I know that you try. Never feel alone. Never.Dale Carnegie quote

You are capable of anything. You can make that desired life change. Believe it or not, right now, in this moment, you CAN create the life that you have always wanted. There will be setbacks, negativity, criticism, backstabbers and failure but you cannot stop and I know that you won’t stop. Haven’t you already seen a lot in life? After coming this far , you cannot give up. There is a lot better things for you too see on this journey of betterment . You try a lot, up-to your capacity. But you need to go stronger, harder and better because you have a lot of people to prove wrong. Good Luck ! πŸ™‚

~ Saadia

The sky is not the limit

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