The smiles, the laughs, the giggles, the talks
All lost in the path that everyone walks.
Life became a race, one had to be better than the best
Hard work became a lifeline, examination, the real test.
Forgotten were the days of the brotherhood and the calm,
Forgotten was that death is close to life as finger to palm.
Life became a struggle, no joy was to remain.
And the lack of the desire to live, stayed all the same.
Smiling was a distant phenomenon, enjoying life, a sin
Everyone stared into their empty lives, with a single reason-to win.
Let’s put this greed out of our lives, let’s start to live again.
Let’s smile like there is no end, let’s put an end to every pain.
Let’s get together and shine like we are one,
Let’s live the remaining days , while being our own sun.
                                                                        ~ Saadia

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