Defeat? Sorrow? Melancholy? Depression? Loss? Underestimation? Loneliness?

You’ve seen it all , one by one, step by step,striding into your life, bringing unimaginable pain, regret and helplessness. You’ve already cried into your pillow, silently, seething in turmoil, crying your heart out………….. But did anything change? No. The circumstances remained the same and you still felt lifeless, numb and stricken. It seems that there is no other way out, no path, no steps to follow.. But wait, there is a lot YOU can do, today and everyday to let yourself know that you are strong, unbreakable and that fire inside you is not going to die out and YOU are not backing down. You can smile all day, never letting anyone sense the war waging inside but at the end of the day, you’ll feel all the worse. Instead, stop waiting for people to notice, to understand or to help.Love yourself with all you’ve got. Chalk out your path, be self sufficient and never lose that desire to live because YOU are worth it all.

Be that person who gave everything and never expected anything in return. Be that person, who shone even in the darkest of times. Be that person, who had no regrets while others had many. Be that person everyone wishes to be. Be that person who got enriched by every pain. Be that person who chased the craziest of dreams. Be that person who took time to live each day.

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~ Saadia

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