My journey

Flashback, with this poem at the back of my mind 🙂


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I was trapped in the cold hard ground, with the cold soil that covered,

I was waiting to be found , waiting to be discovered,

I mustered up some courage, I tried to rise with all I’d got,

Everyday I pushed myself,  surprised at how I’d fought.

One day suddenly I found the light, the warmth I’d longed for each day,

The sun made the dew drops gleam, finally my roots had found their way.

I lived to find out there were many like me,

Who had preserved to be, to find their individuality,

I shared as I lived, gave away what I didn’t need,

The fruits of my labour were surplus,  the labour that had started when I was a little seed.

My happiness didn’t last forever,  nothing gold can stay.

I was uprooted as I fell and was left to decay.

~ Saadia ♥

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