People will try to bring you down, to rise above you, to demolish your spirit, to crumble your confidence to pieces. I have faced this bitter reality a lot more than my memory can possibly flash back at me. You have gone through that too. No matter how big or small. Small people belittle your ambition and make you believe that you are not worth all you are given credit for. But that is just a creation, a vision that they plant in their small and miserable minds. I never tag people as ‘ small’ or ‘evil’ but people reflect their real selves.People will try hard and will go beyond even their own limits to make you feel pain and regret. When people do that, simply take a sweet revenge…… learn from that moment of the past, collect those torn fragments and the stones thrown at you to build your future, to be an architect of your further life. To be more lucid, never let negativity and other people’s opinions and acts towards you make you fell deprived or melancholic. Work smarter towards your dreams, change them to reality and let the people who bring you down watch in awe. It might seem hard. It isn’t actually. When you know your direction , YOU can prove those people wrong and force them to hang their heads low.


Obviously, life is no fairytale. Believing in a happy journey is nothing more than hard. Easier said than done. Pretty obvious. But when you know what you are doing, care for what you do, are ready to work hard for it, there is nothing that you can’t do if you just have the determination to prove those people wrong. I wish you all very productive lives, lives that reflect perfect kinship of the mind, body and soul.


~ Saadia

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