Fathers, mothers and brothers are killed,

Lands left fallow, no field is tilled.

Blood and bodies cover the streets,

Here come the terrorists and there go the cheats.

Life has become a graveyard for us,

No one to call upon, no one to trust.

Kids are tortured and made to beg,

A woman without an eye, a man without a leg.

I believe together we can fix it all,

together we can fight a war against war.

We can get them to stop shattering our lives,

Not individually but together this time.

When widows cry they make us realize,

That humans are not of virtue but full of vice,

Can we not love all the blacks and whites?

Yes, together we can change the flow of tides.

United we stand, divided we fall,

Haven’t we heard enough of that all?

Together we can bring peace from within,

and make the world a better place to live in.

~ Saadia

16 thoughts on “Together We Can

  1. This is the most beautiful poem about changing the world with the united energy of love! I take a deep bow, Saadia! It is not only the message itself. It is the whole flow how you lead from the darkness to light. Uniteded in love war simply dissolves because the barb was pulled. Why do we have war? Because there is a head that spreads fear in order to control others. If no one participates anymore that head loses its feet and armes.

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  2. this is beautifully written hats off to you Saadia, as resident of a country which is in the state of war this hits right in to the heart, peace is our only solace and the salvation for the people of this region.

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