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We all at some point of life are tempted to give up.For how long will our shoulders bear the burden of our dreams and ambitions? The idea that all of our work and time invested was in vain crosses our mind one day or another. Circumstances might lead us to unprecedented sorrow and shock but that’s not life. Life is about doing it anyway. After all the turmoil,  discouragement,  desperation and dedication , it’s unreasonable to give up. To see the rainbow you have to see the rain. After all success comes to those who preserve. A seed doesn’t germinate because of the law of nature,  it germinates because it  fights for a chance to live. When a small seed doesn’t give up, it would be a shame for US to give up. It’s human nature to fall in front of hurdles and people who object but when we want…

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I Never Got To Say Goodbye

Years, moments, love and ties.

Our bond was not meant for goodbyes.

We’d promised each other forever.

Now you’re gone, I’d thought you’d never.

The leaves die, the sun goes down.

The liveliness is lost, the sky seems to frown.

I don’t complain, the pain will die.

It’s just that I never got to say goodbye.


The Infinity Dreams Award


Thanks to the most amazing Author Erika Kind for nominating me for this  award. I am really grateful. This award is actually one of a kind.

Here goes the procedure:

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us 7 dreams of yours.
3.  Nominate bloggers and set questions for them.

Dreams,…., something I usually talk about. Here are the dreams that cling to the core of my heart:

1. My most important dream is to become a bigger doer than a dreamer. Sort of ironic but true.

2. I want to study English Literature More than anything else mentioned here. Books are my magnets that never let me go astray. I want to submerge myself in that magical world where I just read till eternity.

3. Another one of my dreams is to be livelier and healthier.

4. I would love to travel distant places. Saudi Arabia, Britain, California, Germany and what not!

5. I want to live somewhere, where it is sunny and bright for most of the year.

6. I want to do something that makes my parents proud of me, of who I am .

7.  I dream of following my dreams, lately :p

My nominations:

1.Life Confusions

2.leaf and twig

3.bjsscribbles and photography

4.Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

5.The Wanderer’s Thoughts…

Have a great day Every Single one of you 🙂