Determination is the DNA of talent. I personally want to spend every single speck of talent in me by working on it with determination and dedication.  It is said that if you want to live a productive life, tie it to a goal and in the way of doing that , one needs to have perseverance and determination,  one that can climb the highest mountain , that can push you till you reach what your heart has desired. Life is surely not a checklist of achievements but when talent is harnessed with determination and hard work , it can make possible what no eye has seen and what no one has heard of. You have to remember that no one will make your dreams come true for you, it will take your sweat, blood and tears. Talent is raw material , it won’t support you for far enough , it takes patience , living in the moment,  seizing opportunities and the burn of your passion that is , at the end of the day, you should be tired and everything should be messy but your eyes should have the brightness,  that a day of hard work and dedication brings . 🙂

~ Saadia


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