Thank you very much Erika for this award. I feel very honored that you consider me as one of your nominees for this.

The rules:

1. Thank the nominator.
2. Pass it on, as per your will.
3. Post 7 interestingย things about yourself.


1. I do not consider myself interesting , I don’t know why but I feel ordinary. Anways if you feel inclined, here are the other 6 facts:

2. I am very interested in dietics, nutrition and fitness.

3.ย  I am obsessed with Harry Potter series ( I love spells ) I think it has got me under the Imperius curse ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. I hate people who lie. Unlike many people I just can’t stand liars more than any other type of people.

5. I strongly believe in equality between people of different color , religion or ethnic group. I face numerous people everyday who discriminate on the basis of these factors and I simply loathe that.

6. My favorite imaginary sport is Quidditch ( search it up on google) :p


1.The Wandering

2.Coffee fuels my photography!

3.a touch of my saint!

4.Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything


Good day!

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