As I stand on the threshold of realizations, I come to know that every single one of us makes innumerable mistakes, we fall we get up and then fall down again , we are imperfect, with subtle designs , gifted minds and a pure conscience. Looking back on the mistakes that we make can be harsh and painful but at the end of the day , we always try to redeem ourselves and no matter who we are, where we come from or how we act , we try to repent. I believe that , this is what is important, to have a bit of your soul still left after making mistakes which pushes you to ask for forgiveness, which compels you to fall and rise up again. Our imperfections are many but each of us has a potential to be perfect in our own imperfections, to be calm in storms , to accept each thing as it comes, rather than wishing for something better. Accepting yourself, your qualities and dark areas is what makes you happy as happiness is a journey with pitfalls, not a certain destination . I might sound cliche but these realizations have been made by everyone at some point of life and that is what makes us accept the beautifully flawed creatures, we are.

~ Saadia


12 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. Absolutely, Saadia. Everybody hopefully realizes that once. Our imperfections are the fuel to get to perfection. How boring would life be if we never had a chance to remember how perfect we are?

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