We are a part of the universe, this universe, ever expanding ,according to cosmologist, Stephen Hawking.This universe contains one hundred billion galaxies and we belong to the milky way ,a galaxy which , I might as well say, has little significance in the billions which surround it. ( Now stay with me there, I am not teaching you astronomy, stay till the end) As a part of the milky way is our solar system and the Sun is only one of the 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Around it revolve eight planets and 3 dwarf planets and our planet earth is just one of them but its significance is that it is the only planet known to support life. On this earth , we have seven continents and I live in Asia , which has 48 countries, I just live in one of them, which is India . India has 25 states and I belong to its northernmost state Kashmir which has 22 districts. I live in the summer capital, Srinagar. I am another of the 898,440 people living in Srinagar.

So, I have problems, you have problems and each problem appears as the end of the world ( I don’t complain, It is human nature). But as we use some perspective to look at things, we realize that a star in Andromeda might have a bigger problem of  being about to collapse. We are significant but yet very insignificant at the same time.

Every problem has a solution  and if the solution does not seem so obvious, then a little perspective can always help.

~ Saadia

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