There are a hundred dreams,

Tucked behind her eyes,

And a million wishes,

Folded just within that psyche,

She has a million places to visit,

 She is wistful for the places,

She doesn’t even know,

She has a thousand poems,

Inside the fortifications of her heart,

She has hundreds of regrets,

Hidden in her little mind,

She loves the little things,

Says the big ones are just too bleak,

 She was a museum of hardship,

heart break and heartache,

But still she would verbalize her life,

As if it was nothing but perfect.

Little did they know?

Behind those dreams,

Were tears to shed,

Beneath all the wishes,

Was the love, she could never get,

Underneath all the wanderlust,

She was a broken star,

And Behind every poem,

Was a part from life itself,

Behind her regrets,

Was the affection she could

by no means

 make people comprehend,

Behind the little moments ,

Were minute smiles,

Passed by someone,

 for the very first time.

And At the back,

 of all the devastation,

Was simply existence itself.



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