What people lack nowadays is the zest , the desire to be the best that they can possibly be . You at this moment, right now, have the power to be who you have always wanted to be. Waiting for the perfect day to run, to do yoga, to do anything is hitting a dead end, because there is nothing such as a “Perfect day”: This the only moment you’ve got, this power will never be yours again and after this moment is lost , perhaps you will never find it again. Live for this moment, use the present to carve out your higher self because all you have is now and nothing more.

30 years from now you will regret your complacent attitude and will wish that you’d just seized the opportunities you got. I don’t want that to happen, YOU don’t want that to happen , so take this instance and use it to fulfill your dreams and to reach a step closer to where you want to be.

Also, life is not a checklist of achievements. So, take some time everyday to do things that make you happy, that make you jump out of bed in the morning , the things that define why you exist. Find things you love and get going because all you own and exercise power over is NOW.

Good luck!



11 thoughts on “A Bit Of Motivation

  1. Saadia that’s so very brilliant thoughts to share with us. I can’t tell you that I’m so happy to read them. I’m going to save it on my computer.
    I love reading this all and especially the line
    Life is not a checklist of achievements.
    Thanks for sharing!

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