9127c2f9e6d196a927febd535fa7d50b.jpgThe strings, fragile, are easily cut,

which bind us to life,

to which are tied,

a thousand dreams,

a million memories ,

and the reason to live,

which sustains us.

My strings are losing grip,

starting to wear out,

they’re starting to rip,

with nothing left behind,

Just some regrets,

unsaid words,

and some broken promises,

which linger behind,

even when we become




The Tide

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We make mistakes and those too big ones which can cause us a lifetime of guilt . We are imperfect and we’re meant to be so- the sculptor slips once and the statue is far from ideal- but did life ever instruct us, provide us a set of rules for what was to be done? No , never has it ever and it never will. Commiting mistakes is a part of us exotically flawed humans but don’t regret- redeem yourself.  Go on , cross your invisible fences and never Bury yourself under the pressure of perfectionist thinking.  We are lucky because sometimes scars become our strength. Be fearless in the path of this life because who knows what the tide could bring?


~ Saadiaimages (2).jpgimages (1).jpg

One of a kind

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Her eyes were deep  – green,  like a woodland lake. Her smile was innocent and her face was sharp and smart.  Her hair was straight and luscious and looking away from her was hard. Her walk was graceful, yet agile and deft. She was hard working but impatient, loving but bad with expressions. She was successful but never proud, she touched the sky and still remained down to earth. She was beautiful, I tell you but it was not her beauty which was as everlasting as her smile was.

Her multitudes were many but they made her who she was- one of  a kind.

~ Saadia

Power to Change Lives


That moment was so brief….., it seemed to be, but a dream……. I came to know the power……..that each word and gesture possessed…………the power to change lives…….which maybe, just maybe ……………makes our life worth living.

Life is hard and beyond anyone’s control……….but that is what The Almighty made us for………….to touch each others lives……………with the compassion we have inside us………………by forgiving and forgetting………………even when it is hard………..because maybe someone, somewhere……….is happy…………..just because you exist.


You, yes you………….have the immense power…………the empathy to make a change……………to lift a life……..YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE LIVES………..Many may choose to ignore it,……………..but remember , no happiness is greater,………….than the happiness of making others happy 🙂


Maybe this will make you smile :)
  Maybe this will make you smile 🙂

The Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award


A big Thanks  to Life as I interpret it for this lovely acknowledgement. I appreciate your kindness with all my heart.

According to her nomination ,*the rules of this award are the followings (directly pasted from the post):

  1. Thank the nominator and link their blog to your post.
  2. Answer the 10 questions given to you.
  3. Pass the award on to as many bloggers as you went and let them know.
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.

My questions for the nominees are the followings:

1. Which one of these you would like to imagine yourself in right now; beach or forest? Beach.

2. What are the 5 values you would like to see in the next generations? Honesty, fearlessness , selflessness, thirst for knowledge and kindness, basically values of every faction from Divergent :p

3. How would you like to be on a TV show? As a revolutionary politician.

4. What is your favorite food? Chocolate and cake 🙂

5. Is there any time that you have been kind to a stranger? Yes, once.

6. What is the most important financial issue you are tackling right now (if you are tackling)? I don’t own any money, prob a rupee coin, got novels for all the money I ever had .

7. If you must, which one of the followings would be your favorite exercise – walking, jogging, or team games such as basketball? walking.

8. Imagine you have a lovely cat; it is a hunter (naturally) and brings in and leaves a dead mouse in front of your front door. Would you freak out like me at the sight of the mouse or would you pet your cat, making sure it feels great because it brought its gift to you? No, I’d freak out.

9. How do you think we can set our minds to become more grateful, kind, and cheerful? By looking at those who don’t have the privileges we have .

10. What makes you happy? 🙂 Food, hushed talks, running in a school ground, strolling, reading, buying books, writing 🙂


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When Tomorrow Comes

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My family had always been mediocre in its needs and desires, had bread-earners, a loving bond and a cozy bed to sleep in . What else could I possibly need? That was what i thought until I stepped out into the world, with the luxury, the bliss of having every thing that catches one’s eye and as anyone else, i was enchanted. And that too in totality. I loved to be trendy , following whatever my peers did with a blindfold. Skinny jeans, Over-sized button downs, studded sneakers, voluminous hair , eyeliner and what not. That phase hung over me for half a year, and finally, after all , I freed myself of the blindfold. I saw the reality- harsh but utterly true. They say that better be hurt by a truth than comforted with a lie. Very well said. I opened my eyes and stepped outside of the bubble I’d lived in, I came to feel the uncertainty that I never knew when my time would come to die , I’d been irresponsible, never knowing that this world was just a hallucination, a test for what was yet to come.

Then began the revolution. I freed myself of the mundane wishes of being trendy, up to date with the foolish examples set by peers, I paved another path, which I today , being honest am proud of. I tried to and continue trying to adorn my hereafter, the ocean , I am yet to face. i am another person today, the person i had never thought of being, I changed and am happy to be alive, aware of the vulnerability of this world- knowing that maybe tomorrow wont come. But if tomorrow comes, I hope that I continue to push myself on the path I’ve carved in the places where only rocks met my eyes, i hope to be a better me- a satisfied, content ‘me’.

You can steer towards the right path too if you’re trying to venture out from your callous or complacent life as every revolution begins with a spark.

~ Saadia