One of a kind

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Her eyes were deep  – green,  like a woodland lake. Her smile was innocent and her face was sharp and smart.  Her hair was straight and luscious and looking away from her was hard. Her walk was graceful, yet agile and deft. She was hard working but impatient, loving but bad with expressions. She was successful but never proud, she touched the sky and still remained down to earth. She was beautiful, I tell you but it was not her beauty which was as everlasting as her smile was.

Her multitudes were many but they made her who she was- one of  a kind.

~ Saadia


12 thoughts on “One of a kind

      1. Unfortunately I am also not so much around due to a lack of time. But whenever I see you showing up of course I will read your posts! I wouldn’t follow you if I did not appreciate you and your work, Saadia! 💖


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