9127c2f9e6d196a927febd535fa7d50b.jpgThe strings, fragile, are easily cut,

which bind us to life,

to which are tied,

a thousand dreams,

a million memories ,

and the reason to live,

which sustains us.

My strings are losing grip,

starting to wear out,

they’re starting to rip,

with nothing left behind,

Just some regrets,

unsaid words,

and some broken promises,

which linger behind,

even when we become




3 thoughts on “Strings

  1. Wonderful and so very, very true. If we could see what our actions caused we would be paralyzed and unable to live or make a decision. We would do nothing but think about what would happen if we did a single thing. Impossible position. Death would be a better thing than knowing.


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